Joan Hiatt Harlow

Short Stories

Cricket Magazine

"Si-Ling and the Dragon" by CRICKET MAGAZINE. A young Asian princess outwits the wily dragon and proves her right to rule her nation!
September 2000

Won the SCBWI magazine merit award for fiction!

One of fifteen stories featured in the book FIRE AND WINGS (ISBN 0812626648 ), published by Cricket Books

Fire and Wings

The Wishing Sky

"The Wishing Sky"
Illustrations by Mark Burgess
Your Big Backyard, August 1999

Two people

Humpty Dumpty's

"Stephanie's Very Special Secret Code Message"
Illustrated by Lori Anderson
HumptyDumpty's, Vol. 35, No. 336, June/July 1987

Two people


"Adam's Dancing Ghosts"
ChickaDee, Vol 10, No. 1
January 1993

Children's Digest

"The Haunted Relics"
Children's Digest, Vol. 33, No. 325,
August/September 1983


"Kiyomi and the Three Impossible Tasks"
Cricket, 1992