Joan Hiatt Harlow


THUNDER FROM THE SEA has a lot of times that you don't know what will happen! It is filled with fun and excitement!

Who I would recommend the book to:

I would recommend this book to someone that isn't very good at reading. The reason why is that I am not good at reading, and even though this book is long, it is worth reading!! It's filled with hopes and dreams for a orphan! And filled with wonderful feeling you can't say, but it deffinently tuch your iner self.

dear joan hiatt harlow,
hi im kara i love you books I read thunder from the sea ,star in the storm, shadows on the sea, midnight rider and right now im reading joshuas song loved them all! from kara

From a few of THUNDER'S fans from Louisiana:

"I absolutely loved your book THUNDER FROM THE SEA. I can't chooise what part UI like best the part about Aprilo being born or the part about Tom being adopted by Fiona and Enoch. I like them the same, I guess. It must have taken a long time to write a book that long and that good. Your head must have hurt from all that thinking. J."

"I absolty loved your book thunder from the sea. How did you come up with souch a incredible booke. I s your dog's name Thunder? Did it tack you a lot of time to do thunder from the sea? I know I sem tohave a lot of questions but this is the ast one not triing to be mean, but are you mared? Love from your frind, A."

"I thought Thunder was fantastic and I want to know if there is a movie. Do you like dogs? Do yu have another pet? I have two dogs but you don’t want to now their names. Bye. J."

"Dear Ms. Harlow. I love THUNDER FROM THE SEA. I don't like the part when Amos shot Thunder. I wish I had a dog name Thunder but I live in an apartment and to have a dog that it is too much. A."

"Wow! You have excellent stories, like THUNDER FROM THE SEA. Your new book sounds ingeineous. Thunder from the SEA is outrageous. Is Blown Away still in progress? G"


"I am writing better now and using adjectives. I am so excited to know that THUNDER may win the Great Stone Face award. I hope it wins. I am voting for it." M. NH

"I cried when April was born. I was so worried. She is my favorite character. She is cute I bet. I'm glad they got to doctor sulivan in time, Nh"

"I live in Indiana. We are amish. We love THUNDER. Did you know THUNDER is a hoosier state book? MR"

"I didn't like to read but I had to read one of the Massachusetts state books so I chose thunder. I loved it. I felt like was somewhere else in a different place and I even forgot that I was hungry. Now I like to read. J. mass."